Law Office of Michael O. Molina

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Michael Otieno Molina, Esq. – Member of the Georgia Bar

A graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana (’97) and Yale Law School (’02), Michael has more than a decade of experience working in cause marketing and public policy advocacy for national non-profits focused on youth development, criminal justice, and independent media.  Serving well-respected and successful organizations such as the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Community Works, Quality Education is a Constitutional Right and The Young People’s Project, Michael grounded his legal career in serving those most in need and built an impressive and diverse set of skills easily applicable across non-profit and for-profit sectors.  Michael moved to Atlanta after winning the prestigious New Voices fellowship to launch and lead his own non-profit/for-profit entity New Roots/5D Stories.

Having founded New Roots as an organization serving residents displaced from his hometown of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Michael helped New Roots participants navigate many legal issues (including housing, employment, family, criminal justice, education, and public assistance) as they worked to return home or settle in their new communities.  Partly in response to the urgent need to re-frame the story of Hurricane Katrina from one of victimization to one of strength through adversity, Michael founded 5D stories as a new media focused production company that could capture and communicate the stories of survivors in compelling ways.  After producing a series of multi-media projects with New Roots participants, 5D Stories launched with a mission to produce, publish, and internationally distribute new media that promotes human understanding and catalyzes human potential.

As a general practice attorney, Michael serves his clients with the professionalism, dedication and earnest effort you would expect from someone with his background.  Keeping clients informed  and empowered, Mike works with diligence and integrity.  No matter the legal issue, Michael tackles it with the intellectual rigor, attention to detail, and the tenacity needed for the most just and fortunate outcome.

Contact attorney Michael O. Molina for an initial conversation, consultation, or questions at or by phone at (678) 296-3691.


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